A Moment of Outrage for Red Beauty: How Many People Are Living As If Dead?

It is very easy to see such a group of people at 8 or 9 o’clock in the morning in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park: they are over 50 years old, they are dancing collective body-building dance with folk songs wearing casual clothes, and their faces are filled with a smile which let people consider ” life is beautiful and we will become beauty incarnation together.”


This group of people now ceremoniously appears in the Biennial of New York’s Museum of Arts and Design. Only this time, they start to talk.


They are dancing with joy on the big screen of the third-floor exhibition hall of the museum, introducing the knack of skin care and physique stretching.


In the exhibition room, what makes an interesting reflection with their videos is a set of pure bright red sculptures, which is the body features of teenage girls, which can be undoubtedly described as “flower blossoming”. Beside the sculptures, there is a display of female clothes, the style of which includes all the representative elements from the fashionable dress to the nun’s outfit.


What is the purpose of the parallel triangle layout of this group of sculptures, clothing and the video?


You can imagine: a group of young girls expressed their individualities through their bodies. Then these girls found that their bodies were not as attractive as they had imagined, so they started to seek a better way of “showing some while concealing some “, in which they didn’t show their bodies directly but used different kinds of beautiful dresses to make up instead. They even dressed in fashionable nun’s outfit; showing the harmony of attractiveness and restraint. Such a group of charming girls are growing up with time. They attend dinners and parties. They enjoy the times of beauty and revelry as well.


One day, they become old.


Let me say once again, one day, they become old.


However, only others know, they are really old indeed.


They, themselves, may not know.


Because they remain unchanged in front of the camera, they introduce the secret of skin care with the calmest, happiest and most confident posturing, and they still walk on the broad road of pursuing beauty and safeguarding beauty.


They are “a group”. But how should “one” female spend her life? To be exact, as a female, especially as a young woman, how can you choose the way of your life in the environment surrounded by the women who are and will be the same in the future? Is there one way to unlock–unlock the enduring energy in your heart, which will make you different from them?


Maybe, the lifelong collection of one woman in the distant window can best explain the issue soundlessly. Will she become a charming woman in the end when she owes so many precious treasures, which is admired by everybody else?


Or is it the opposite way?


The answer is for you to seek.

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